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AOIJ Articles
TitleBasic components in Optical Character Recognition Systems. Experimentally Analysis on Old Bulgarian Character … 
AuthorsRumiana Krasteva, Ani Boneva, Ditchko Butchvarov, Veselin Geortchev 
CategoryIT and Computing 
AbstractA document image is a visual representation of a paper document, such as a journal article page, a cover page of facsimile transmission, office correspondence, an application form, etc. Document image understanding as a research endeavor consists of developing processes for taking a document through various representations: from scanned image to semantic representation. This paper describes the processes and subprocesses involved in document image understanding. In the paper presented an approach for Old Bulgarian character recognition and itís program realization. Itís described input transformation, recognition algorithm and criteria for recognition decision. 
URL (full text)http://www.Acadjournal.com/2001/V5/PART5/P2/ 
TitleExtension Set Theory, Extension Engineering Method and Extension System Control 
AuthorsJie Wang 
CategoryIT and Computing 
AbstractExtension set theory and extension engineering methods are widely used in social and economical fields and have made a great amount of profit. There are also boundless perspectives for their applications on nature science and engineering. This paper presents the brief concepts about matter element, extension set, and matter element transformation. Some applying possibilities are discussed. A simple way of using extension set theory to control system syntheses is specially described 
URL (full text)http://www.Acadjournal.com/2001/V5/part5/p1/ 
TitleModelling of multicomponent reactive distillation in a tray column 
AuthorsV.A. Danilov, A.G. Laptev, S.V. Karpeev, Alfons Vogelpohl 
AbstractIt is suggested a mathematical model of reactive distillation of multicomponent mixture in a column with a bubble plate. Description of transfer processes in two phase gas Ė liquid stream is based on two fluid model. The model can be applied to design and to simulate separation capability of an industrial column for multicomponent reactive distillation 
URL (full text)http://www.Acadjournal.com/2001/V5/part2/p1/ 
TitleOptimization of regulation work periodicity of military equipment 
AuthorsRumen Kodjeikov ,Nicolay Petrov, Krasimir Kalev, Andrew Bogdanov 
CategoryElectronics, Electrotechnics 
AbstractThe estimation of the regulatin work periodicity of the militery equipment is an extremelyimportant moment for its technical service. Many scientific publications concern this problem but most of them deal with a service process for an infinite technical exploitation period. In the present paper a solution of the problem for a limited interval of technical exploitation is suggested. A reliability model of the observed process is done as the intensity of the failure flux is chosen for a reliability criteria 
URL (full text)http://www.Acadjournal.com/2001/V5/part1/p1/ 
TitleR - plasmid influence on the Salmonella derby ?ells Membrane Structure 
AuthorsAstghik Z. Pepoyan, Hasmik R. Yepiskoposyan, Natella S. Mirzoyan, Marina O. Sahakyan 
AbstractIt is well known that R-plasmids can regulate the synthesis of bacterial cell wallís components. On the other hand, the electronically-microscope method allows revealing geometrical parameters of bacterial membranes. By the method of electronically-microscope we were revealed an essential difference in Salmonella derby bacterial cell membranes morphology and ultra structure depending on the absence of R-plasmid. The goal of this work was to investigate S. derby cells membrane structure by the roentgenografic method. Salmonella derby cells membranes structure is investigated by the method of X-ray diffraction under small and large angles, for the membrane suspensions both plasmid and plasmid-free Salmonella derby cells. Reflexes are discovered with midline 8 A and 11 A distances that are typical only for plasmid cells of Salmonella derby. According to the supposition indicated reflexes are conditioned by the equidistance well-regulated position of polar groups of phosphatidyletanolamines and phosphatydilcholines molecules on the membrane surface of Salmonella derby cells. It is established that the reason of formation of discovered structure are most probably considered peculiarities of hydrophilic-hydrophobic reactions of phospholipid molecule in membranes 
URL (full text)http://www.Acadjournal.com/2001/V5/part2/p2/ 

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